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Learning Center

The Learning Center window provides quick access to a range of context-specific task guides in a number of specific work areas, such as Getting Started, Modeling or Testing. Through the 'breadcrumb' path at the top of the Learning Center window you display the short task guides, which describe how to achieve specific objectives in a work area. The guides contain links to Help topics and other useful sources of information.

To open a guide in the Learning Center, click on the task name in the drop-down lists in the 'breadcrumb' path. The document immediately displays in the window.

The Learning Center facilities can be extended to present separate hierarchies of topics on working with any MDG Technologies loaded with Enterprise Architect.  Your Technology Developers would create and incorporate these additional sets of topics.

Access    View | Learning Center   or
Alt+F1  or
Click on the Learning Center icon on the Start Page
(Also, when you open Enterprise Architect for the first time, the Learning Center automatically displays on the right of the screen)

Switch between work areas

Click on the black arrow to the right of Enterprise Architect in the document path and select the required Enterprise Architect work area from the drop-down list. Click on the work area and select either a further division of the subject area or the title of a guide on that topic.

If you have additional sets of topics for in-house extensions of Enterprise Architect (Add-Ins and MDG Technologies), you can access them by clicking on the black arrow to the left of Enterprise Architect in the document path, and selecting the required product area from the drop-down list.


If an Add-In or MDG Technology loads its own Learning Center topics, when Enterprise Architect is shut down the Technology Learning Center topics are not retained and, in subsequent work sessions, must be reloaded; if the Technology is deactivated during a work session, its Learning Center topics are still available until Enterprise Architect is shut down

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