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Create a Data Model Diagram

To model the structure of a relational database you use Data Modeling diagrams, which are extended Class diagrams. Data Modeling diagrams can include Tables, Views and Procedures, and can be set up to use the connector notations UML DDL Profile, IDEF1X or Information Engineering.

Access    Project Browser | Right-click on Package | Add Diagram

Create a Data Modeling diagram



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This field defaults to the Package name.

If required, overtype the default name with your preferred name.



Select From

Click on Extended.


Add New Diagrams

Diagram Types

Click on Data Modeling.




Click on this button to create the diagram.

The Diagram View displays the blank diagram, and the Data Modeling pages display in the Diagram Toolbox.

Drag elements and connectors from the Toolbox onto your diagram, to create your data model.




Data Modeling Toolbox



·The new diagram connector notation defaults to Information Engineering; if you want to change this, display the Connectors tab of the diagram Properties dialog (Diagram | Properties > Connectors) and select the required option from the Connector Notation drop-down list
·Data Modeling diagrams generated from a model pattern default to the IDEF1X notation


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