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Model Database Procedures

Database Procedures (Stored Procedures or Procs) are a features of some DBMSs. They are subroutines that can contain one or more SQL statements that perform a specific task. In the Database Builder, you create and define database Procedures as individual objects.

Access     Tools | Database Builder | Right-click on Procedures Package | Add new Procedure

A database Procedure element is immediately added to the Package, with the name highlighted for change. Type an appropriate name.

To define the database Procedure, double-click on it. The Procedure: <procedure name> dialog displays.

·The Database field defaults to the DBMS for which you are defining the database
·In the Notes field, type some notes on, or a description of, the Procedure
·In the Procedure definition field, type the full procedure definition; the code editor provides Intelli-sense for basic SQL keywords and functions


To delete a database Procedure, right-click on the Procedure name and click on the Delete <procedure name> option. A prompt displays to confirm deletion of the Procedure and its contents; click on the Yes button.


·If you create a database Procedure element external to the Database Builder, in any part of the model other than the Procedures Package, that Procedure element is automatically reassigned to the Procedures Package
·Database Procedures created as individual objects are represented in the model hierarchy in the Database Builder as Class element icons; if you have Procedures as operations of a container Class (created external to the Database Builder) they are represented in the model hierarchy as Class element icons with a pink 'operation' icon in the bottom right corner


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