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UI Control Elements

A UI Control element represents a user interface control element (such as an edit box). It is used for capturing the components of a screen layout and requirements in a Custom or User Interface diagram.

There are a number of UI Control elements available in the User Interface page of the Toolbox. These include:

·Text Box
·Checkbox (left hand side)
·Radio button
·Radio button (left hand side)
·Vertical Line
·Horizontal Line


The icons can be combined on a Screen icon to represent the appearance of a user interface screen, as shown:


You can also extend the available icons by selecting other stereotypes in the UI Control Element Properties dialog. The full set of available stereotypes is shown below; type or select the text in the Stereotype field to create the corresponding icon.


Toolbox icon

e_uiControl   (where UI Control is the name of the user interface element type)

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