Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Language Options

You can set up various options for how Enterprise Architect handles a particular language when generating and reverse-engineering code. These options are either specific to:

·Your user ID, for all models or
·The model in which they are defined, for all users


Access     Tools | Options | Source Code Engineering <language name>   (user-specific)          or
Project | Settings | Project Options | Source Code Engineering | <language name> (model specific)


Languages Supported

See also

Action Script


ActionScript Options - User

ActionScript Options - Model


Ada 2005 (in the Systems Engineering and Ultimate editions of Enterprise Architect)


Ada 2005 Options - User

Ada 2005 Options - Model



ArcGIS Options - User

ArcGIS Options - Model




C Options - User

C Options - Model




C# Options - User

C# Options - Model




C++ Options - User

C++ Options - Model




Delphi Options - User

Delphi Options - Model

Delphi Properties




Java Options - User

Java Options - Model




PHP Options - User

PHP Options - Model




Python Options - User

Python Options - Model




SystemC Options - User

SystemC Options - Model


Verilog (Systems Engineering and Ultimate editions)


Verilog Options - User

Verilog Options - Model


VHDL (Systems Engineering and Ultimate editions)


VHDL Options - User

VHDL Options - Model


Visual Basic


Visual Basic Options - User

Visual Basic Options - Model


Visual Basic .NET


VB.NET Options - User

VB.Net Options - Model


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