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When a user directly enters into the 'License Management' dialog a license key that doesn't match a Sparx Systems key, EA_AddInLicenseValidate is broadcast to all Enterprise Architect Add-Ins, providing them with a chance to use the Add-In key to determine the level of functionality to provide. When a key is retrieved from the Sparx Systems Keystore only the target Add-In will be called with the key.

For the Add-In to validate itself against this key, the Add-In's EA_AddinLicenseValidate handler should return confirmation that the license has been validated. As the EA_AddinLicenseValidate event is broadcast to all Add-Ins, one license can validate many Add-Ins.

If an Add-In elects to handle a license key by returning a confirmation to EA_AddinLicenseValidate, it is called upon to provide a description of the license key through the EA_AddinLicenseGetDescription event. If more than one Add-In elects to handle a license key, the first Add-In that returns a confirmation to EA_AddinLicenseValidate is queried for the license key description.


Function EA_AddInLicenseValidate (Repository As EA.Repository, AddinKey As String) As Boolean



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Direction: IN

Description: The Add-in license key that has been entered in the 'License Management' dialog.



Direction: IN

Description: An EA.Repository object representing the currently open Enterprise Architect model. Poll its members to retrieve model data and user interface status information.

Repository Class

Return Value

Returns True if the license key is validated for the current Add-In. Returns False otherwise.

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