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Attribute Tagged Values

Tagged Values are a convenient means of extending the properties a model element supports, including attributes. Such extensions can then be used by code generators and other utilities to transform UML models into other forms.

Access On diagram | Right-click element | Features & Properties | Attributes (F9) > Tagged Values   or

Project Browser | Right-click element | Attributes > Tagged Values

Add a Tagged Value to an attribute



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Click on the button.

The 'Tagged Value' dialog displays.


In the 'Tag' field, type the tag name or click on the drop-down arrow and select a defined tag.


In the 'Value' field type a specific value for the tag.


Click on the OK button to confirm the operation.

The tag name and value are displayed under the attribute in the 'Tagged Values' tab.


  • Tagged Values are supported for attributes, operations, objects and connectors
  • You can define custom tags by creating a Custom Tagged Value Type

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