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Export Code Generation and Transformation Templates

It is possible to export Code Generation and Transformation templates from your model to a .xml file. You can then import that file - and hence the templates - into other models, as reference data.

Access Project | Data Management| Export Reference Data

Export a Code Generation template or Transformation template



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On the 'Export Reference Data' dialog, in the 'Name' list, select the templates to export.

The list includes any standard Code Generation or Transformation templates that have been changed, and any customized templates that you have created or changed.

You can select one or more templates to be exported to a single XML file, by pressing Ctrl or Shift as you click on the template names.

Export Reference Data


Click on the Export button.


When prompted to do so, enter a valid file name with a .xml extension.


Click on the Save button and on the OK button.

This exports the template(s) to the file; you can use any text or XML viewer to examine the file.

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