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Publish Portal

The Publish Portal provides links to the facilities of the system that help you to:

  • Import code and data into the model
  • Export data to an external XMI file
  • Generate code within the model
  • Generate documents and web pages on aspects of your model
  • Create and edit the templates used in code and document generation

Access Start Page:

View | Portals | Publish




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This set of options helps you to generate printable or web-page documentation on your model, or to publish a part or the whole of the model in XML format. Select:

  • 'Generate Rich Text Documentation' - to generate documentation in RTF, PDF or DOCX format
  • 'Generate Web Pages' - to generate documentation in HTML
  • 'Publish Model' - to export a Package to a file in one of several XML formats

Generate Documentation Publish Model Package Create a Web Page Report


Use these options to bring source code and other external data into the model. Select:

  • 'Import Source Files' - to import a directory of source code files into the model
  • 'Import Database Schema' - to import complete or filtered database schema into your database model
  • 'Import Binary File' - to reverse-engineer a binary module as a part of your model
  • 'Import WSDL' - to import Web Service Description Language (WSDL) 1.1 files into your model
  • 'Import XML Schema' - to import a W3C XML Schema (XSD) file into your model

Import WSDL Import Binary Module Import a Directory Structure Import Database Schema Import XSD


This set of options help you to generate data structures external to the model, from your model structure. Select:

  • 'Generate Code' - to generate application code from the selected model Package and its contents
  • 'Generate DDL' - to generate DDL for a database object from the selected model Package and, if you prefer, to execute the DDL as well
  • 'Generate XSD' - to generate XML Schema files from the selected Package
  • 'Generate WSDL' - to generate WSDL 1.1 files from the selected WSDL 1.1 model Package

Generate DDL For Objects Generate WSDL Generate a Package Generate XSD


The options in this set help you to exchange information between models. Select:

  • 'Connect to RAS Service' - to connect to the Reusable Asset Service, browse the material held in the common directory and import the data structures you require into your model
  • 'Import Model XMI' - to update a model Package from an equivalent external XMI file
  • 'Import Model Reference Data' - to import into your model selected categories of reference data previously exported to an xml file from another model
  • 'Export Model XMI' - to export the contents of the selected model Package to an external XMI file
  • 'Export Model Reference Data - to export selected categories of reference data

Export Reference Data Export to XMI Import from XMI Browse Assets Import Reference Data

Edit Templates

Use these options to review and modify the templates used to generate documentation and code and to transform model structures. Select:

  • 'Document Templates' - to create and edit customized document generation templates
  • 'Code Templates' - to create and modify code generation templates
  • 'MDA Templates' - to create and modify model transformation templates

The Code Template Editor Design Custom Document Templates Edit Transformation Templates

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