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Structure Submenu

As you develop the elements in a diagram or Package, you can:

  • Model more complex interactions between elements, such as adding structured (embedded) elements
  • Add more specific properties, in the form of Tagged Values
  • Override methods inherited from parent Classes

Access Element | Structure

Structure Management Options



See also

Structural Elements  

Select this option to attach structural elements such as Ports and Parts to the currently selected element.

Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+B

Manage Structural Elements

Parents and Interfaces

Select this option to set the parent elements that generalize the selected element, or set an interface that the selected element realizes or implements.

Shortcut: Ctrl+I

Set Element Parent

Overrides and Implementations

Select this option to automatically override methods from parent Classes and from realized interfaces.

Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+O

Override Parent Operations

Add Tagged Value  

Select this option to add a Tagged Value to the currently selected element.

Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+T

Quick Start - Add Tagged Value To Elements