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Settings Submenu

When you set up a project, you need to configure several types of reference data, default settings and directory paths for the project, such as stereotypes, Tagged Values, cardinality values, data types, language macros, local directories and image library content. You access the facilities for configuring this data from the Settings menu.

Access Project | Settings

Configure Project Settings



See also

UML Types

Set up the stereotypes, Tagged Value Types and the cardinality list for your project, on the corresponding tabs of the 'UML Types' dialog.

Stereotype Settings Cardinality Tagged Value Types

Project Types

Display the options to register the people involved in the project, and the categories or status types for a number of object properties.

Project Types Submenu

Auto Names and Counters

Set up automatic naming and counters for elements. The conventions you define can be applied to names or aliases, or both.

Set Auto Naming and Auto Counters

Namespace Roots

Locate and delete model namespaces.


Project Template Package

Configure or change the default element template directory.

Set Element Templates Package

Preprocessor Macros

Add and delete preprocessor macros that are skipped during reverse engineering.

Language Macros

Code Engineering Datatypes

Add, modify and delete programming language datatypes.

Data Types

Database Datatypes

Add, modify and delete database datatypes.

Database Datatypes


Import and configure custom images to be applied to elements in the model.

Using the Image Manager


Configure the custom colors for the project.

There are two options:

  • Get Project Custom Colors (import from the Project file)
  • Set Project Custom Colors (export to the Project file)

Custom colors are used in setting the default appearance of an element in a diagram.

Set an Element's Default Appearance