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Implementation Guide

The architectures that are created and maintained by the Enterprise Architecture Program must be implemented to realize the business goals and objectives they set out to achieve. These architectures will be an invaluable guide to implementation teams irrespective of whether a solution is being purchased or developed in-house. The implementation will typically involve both business and technology components and the architecture will act as a guide to both groups to ensure that the implementation projects align with higher level enterprise initiatives. The guidance and governance might be formal and require contracts, or informal based on regular meetings, and will typically involve a liaison with the Project Management Office or its equivalent.

Enterprise Architect is well positioned to assist in this guidance and governance as both the architecture models and the implementation models can reside in the one repository, allowing visibility and traceability between the two disciplines. Principles can be applied at a implementation level showing the significance and applicability of the principle at the implementation level, including any dispensations if they have been granted.