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BMM Extended Page

Elements from the 'BMM Extended' page of the Business Motivation Model Toolbox.

BMM Extended Toolbox



Organization Unit

Represents any recognized association of people in the context of the enterprise. In a hierarchical structure, it might be the corporation, a division, a department, a group or a team.

Tagged Values – ID, PersonInCharge


A Liability is a reservation of actual resources (materials, finished goods, people's time, cash) to meet commitments. A Liability can be discharged by Courses of Action, can be the responsibility of Organization Units, and can claim Resources.

Tagged Value – ID


An Asset is something of value owned by the enterprise.

Tagged Values – ID, Description, AssetValue


An Offering is a Fixed Asset that is a specification of a product or service that can be supplied by the enterprise. An Offering can be defined by Courses of Action, can be delivered by Business Processes, can require Resources and can use Fixed Assets.

Tagged Value – ID

Business Process

A function or behavior of the Enterprise or part of the Enterprise. A Business Process is the responsibility of an Organization Unit, realizes Courses of Action, is guided by Business Rules, is governed by Business Policies, can deliver Offerings and can manage Assets.

Tagged Values – ID, Description, ProcessType

Fixed Asset

A Fixed Asset is an Asset that is maintained over time and reused. A Fixed Asset can be used by Offerings and can provide Resources.

Tagged Values – ID, AssetValue

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