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Download the NIEM Reference Model

The NIEM 3 Reference Models are UML representations of the content of the NIEM 3 Release Package XSD files.

They contain Packages representing NIEM-core, as well as the various Domain schemas included in the NIEM 3 releases, their associated Codes lists and other associated Packages. The NIEM 3 reference models are available for download into your Enterprise Architect project, from the Sparx Systems Reusable Asset Server.


Display the Model Wizard window using any of the methods outlined here.

In the Model Wizard window, select the 'Model Patterns' tab. In the 'Technology' panel, select 'Framework'.

Scroll through the list of available Patterns to find the NIEM 3 Reference Models and model Patterns.


Design > Package > Model Wizard

Context Menu

Right-click on Package | Add a Model Using Wizard

Keyboard Shortcuts



Project Browser caption bar menu | New Model from Pattern