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Kanban Diagram Options - Filters

The 'Filters' page can be used in conjunction with the Package search defined on the 'Configuration' page, should you want to apply additional filtering.

It is possible to import a model search that has already been created, or to create new filters here exactly as you would for any other model search.

When adding any of these searches or filters, you must also select at least one Package for the search or filter to work in; you do this on the 'Configuration' page of this 'Kanban' dialog.



Construct > Task Management > Kanban > (options to generate and/or open a Kanban diagram)    or

Start > Today > My Kanban (displays personal default Kanban diagram)


Design > Diagram > Manage > Kanban > Filters (on an open Kanban diagram)

Context Menu

On a Kanban diagram, double-click on a lane > Filters

On any other type of diagram, right-click on background | Kanban > Filters

Filter Options



See also

Import Search

Click on this button to import a search from either an external XML file ('From File') or from the current model ('From EA').

Element Filters

Add Filter

Click on this button to define the properties of elements that you want to be added automatically to your Kanban diagram.

  • Note that not all element types will be added to Kanban diagrams; the list of excluded types includes Constraint, Note, Port, ProvidedInterface, RequiredInterface, Boundary, Hyperlink, StateNode, Text, GUIElement, Package, UMLDiagram, InterruptibleActivityRegion and ExpansionRegion
Add Filters

Edit Filter

Click on this button to edit the currently selected filter in the list.

Optional / Required

Choose 'Optional' if the filters will be applied with a logical OR relationship. Choose 'Required' if the filters will be applied with a logical AND relationship.

Remove Filter

Click on this button to delete the currently selected filter from the list.

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