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Using the Diagram Panel

The 'Diagram' panel contains a set of facilities for creating and managing diagrams and the elements they contain. Diagrams are a powerful way of presenting and visualizing a model's elements and their connections. They can be enhanced by a range of overlays that transform the diagram into an expressive view such as a Kanban board, a Roadmap diagram, or swimlanes, which allow elements to be allocated to different aspects such as responsibility or ownership. A diagram can also be viewed as a list of elements, or as a Gantt chart describing the allocation of resources to the elements.

Available Facilities



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Click on this icon to create a new diagram under the selected Package or element. The 'New Diagram' dialog displays, through which you can create a new diagram of any type under any technology supported by Enterprise Architect.

Add New Diagrams


Click on the drop-down arrow to display a list of options for actions to apply to the selected diagram.

  • Properties - maintain the properties of the current diagram, using the diagram 'Properties' dialog
  • Lock - display the 'Lock Diagram' dialog for the currently-open diagram, on which you restrict changes to the diagram
  • Browse for Diagram - display the 'Select a Diagram' browser, through which you can locate and open a diagram in your model
  • Search for Diagram - display the Find in Project view, pre-loaded with the 'Diagram Details' search to locate diagrams of a specific name or type
  • Swimlanes - divide the currently-open diagram into logical areas or partitions using the 'Swimlanes' page of the 'Swimlanes and Matrix' dialog
  • Roadmap - convert the currently open diagram to a roadmap with a timescale, using the 'Roadmap options' dialog
  • Kanban - convert the currently open diagram to Kanban format, using the 'Kanban' dialog
  • Copy Diagram - copy the currently-selected diagram in the Project Browser to the clipboard
  • Paste Diagram - paste the diagram on the clipboard into the currently-selected Package, according to the settings you define on the 'Paste Diagram' dialog
  • Clone Diagram as New Version - copy the currently-selected diagram in the Project Browser and paste it into the Project Browser as a new diagram; a prompt displays for you to enter a version number for the new diagram, followed by a browser on which you select its parent Package
  • Change Type - change the diagram type
Pre-defined Searches Copy (Duplicate) Diagram Kanban Features Roadmap Diagrams Change Diagram Type Swimlanes Matrix Set Diagram Properties Lock Model Elements


Click on this icon to display the Diagram Toolbox (if it is not already open); the Diagram Toolbox is a panel of icons specific to a diagram type that you can use to create elements and connectors on a diagram.

Diagram Toolbox

Standard View

Click on this icon to display the currently-open diagram in the standard graphical display format.

Diagram View

List View

Click on this icon to display the content of the currently-open diagram as a tabular, editable list of elements.

Diagram List

Gantt View

Click on this icon to display the elements of the currently-open diagram in a Gantt Chart format, showing the Project Resources assigned to each element.

The Project Gantt View

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