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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Model Watches

Enterprise Architect provides you with the facility to watch for a range of activities linked to your user ID, across not just one project but any or all of those to which you have access. This helps you to stay up to date with changes, developments and conversations in the projects in which you are working or have an interest.

Specifically, you can set up a Watch list to notify you of:

  • New model chats
  • New model messages
  • Recent element discussions
  • Recent team reviews
  • Recently flagged watched items
  • Recently modified diagrams
  • Recently modified elements
  • Active tasks
  • Tasks ending today, and/or
  • Tasks overdue

You can monitor for these events in the project or projects from a specific date onwards, or over a rolling interval of time such as the previous seven days.



Start page > Recent drop-down arrow > Configure Watched Models

Configure a Watch List

Configuring a Watch List in the Manage Models dialog in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.



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In the 'Showing Activity From' field, click on the drop-down arrow and select the date from which to start monitoring events.

If you want to accumulate information over time, leave the 'Relative Time' checkbox unselected to collect the data starting from the set date as the absolute date.

If you want to show information gathered only over the previous fixed interval, select the checkbox. The system then calculates the interval between the set date and today, displaying the length of that interval next to the date field. Adjust the selected date to give you the interval you require. The system will then provide information gathered only during that interval, rolling forward.


Click on the New button to add a project to the watch list. A short menu displays, offering options to access the project through a:

  • Local file path - a browser displays through which you locate and select the project file
  • Connection Wizard - the Windows 'Data Link Connection' dialog displays through which you can open a model on a DBMS
  • Cloud Connection - the 'Cloud Connection' dialog displays; ensure that all the connection details are correct
  • Connection string that you have copied - the 'Connection String' dialog displays; paste the copied string into the 'Enter Value' field and click on the OK button

The name of the project displays in the 'Connections' panel, with the 'Enabled' checkbox automatically selected. At any point, if you want to drop the project out of the watch, you can simply de-select the 'Enabled' checkbox.

In the 'User Name' and 'Password' fields, type the login parameters necessary for the system to open the watched model under your ID.

Connecting Enterprise Architect to a Cloud Service


Click on the connection name and then on the Configure button.  The 'Model Watch List' dialog displays.

Configuring a model watch list in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

Click on each checkbox to select the items to monitor, or to clear selected items as required. You can also use the Select All button or Clear All button to act on all items at once, and then select or clear individual items. When you have made your selection, click on the OK button to save the changes.

On the 'Manage Models' dialog, click on the OK button to save the model Watch and close the dialog.


To check for any events picked up by your watchlist, on the Start page click on the 'Models' drop-down arrow and select the 'Watched' option. The list of recently-accessed projects is updated to show just those included in your watchlist.

The message 'Querying watched models' displays, followed by a login prompt for each project that has controlled access. Type in your login parameters.

Under each project name, a summary list of the watched items and events is displayed.

Summary list of watched items and events in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

You can review the flagged items by clicking on the watched model name and running the appropriate Model Search or displaying the Discussions window. This closes the original project in which you checked the watchlist.

Pre-defined Searches Informal Discussions


After you have checked the Watched projects, and if necessary, you can click on the 'Models' drop-down arrow and select the 'Configure Watched Models' option to update the watchlist configuration, as in steps 1, 2 and 3.

If it is necessary to remove a project entirely from the watchlist, on the 'Manage Models' dialog click on the project name and on the Delete button.

If you have finished working with the watchlist, click on the 'Models' drop-down arrow and select the 'Recently Used' option to restore the model list to the full list of recently-accessed models.