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Survey or Questionnaire

Enterprise Architect has a range of tools that can assist with planning, creating and conducting a Survey or Questionnaire. Depending on how formal a Survey or Questionnaire is, a plan might be required. The plan and the Survey questions can be created using a Document Artifact. A Calendar could be used to record the date, time and location of the Survey or Questionnaire including the required completion date. Model Mail could be used to keep in contact with the respondents.

Using an artifact element to document a survey in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

Document Artifact

The Document Artifact behaves in the same way as a Word Processor file that can be created directly inside the repository; it is a convenient way of creating a Survey or Questionnaire. The Survey or Questionnaire plan can be created as well as a document with the actual questions that need to be completed. The document can be exported to a conventional word processor file if required.

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The Calendar provides a way to record and present important temporal information, such as events and meetings, in Calendar format. Surveys or Questionnaires can be entered into the Calendar and set up as recurring if needed. Event subtypes can be configured to add 'Survey' or 'Questionnaire' as a Meeting Type.

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Model Mail

Model Mail can be used to notify and remind people of a Survey or Questionnaire and to notify them after the Survey or Questionnaire about outcomes and decisions and required actions. Links to model elements, diagrams, Matrices, Team Library and a variety of other items can be added.

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