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WSDL 1.1 Model Structure

A Web Service Description Language (WSDL), under specification 1.1, is defined within a «WSDLnamespace» stereotyped Package, which represents the top-level container for the WSDL elements. Conceptually it maps to the targetNamespace in a WSDL definition element.

When you create a WSDL model, Enterprise Architect creates the Namespace and provides a set of sub-Packages, each containing a diagram on which to define the constituent elements of the model, with an Overview diagram to navigate between the sub-Packages. You work through the sub-Packages in sequence, to define the objects that are used by later objects, themselves called into still later objects.

WSDL Structure Development

WSDL Element Type


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Defined in an XSD Schema, these are the XSD data types used by the web service and communicated by WSDL Messages; you drag «XSDelement», «XSDsimpleType» and «XSDcomplexType» stereotyped elements onto the Types diagram from the XML Schema page of the Diagram Toolbox.

Modeling XSD


WSDL Messages identify the data being communicated by a web service. Each Message element contains one or more Message Parts, which are attributes that each identify an XSD data type being communicated.

WSDL Message WSDL Message Part

Port Types

WSDL Port Types are the essential core of the web service, defining the interfaces of the service. Each Port Type consists of a set of Port Type Operations, each of which identifies an exchange of Messages (data input to and output from the interface as that operation). The Port Type Operation can also identify Messages acting as Fault indicators.

WSDL Port Type WSDL Port Type Operation


A Binding specifies the protocol and data format for the operations and messages defined for of a particular Port Type. Each «WSDLbinding » Class implements (realizes) the operations specified by the «WSDLportType» Interface - the Port Type Operations in the Port Type element are automatically copied into the Binding element as Binding operations.

WSDL Binding WSDL Binding Operation


A WSDL Service defines a formal interface of the web service. It describes the collection of Port Types that expose a particular Binding, having an Association to each exposed Binding. It therefore encapsulates a set of the other data structures - if not all the data structures - defined in the model.

WSDL Service


WSDL Documents are represented by Components having the stereotype «WSDL». This is the element from which you generate the WSDL file.

You can create more than one Document to re-use the schema Types, Messages, Port Types, Bindings and Services of a Namespace across multiple physical WSDL documents, either in the same configuration or in different configurations.

WSDL Document


This figure shows an example WSDL namespace, OnlineBookstore PSM, which includes a single WSDL document, OnlineBookstore (at the bottom of the hierarchy).

This figure shows an example WSDL namespace


  • You can also generate a WSDL Package structure from a UML Interface using the WSDL Model Transformation

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