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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Protection Against Editing

When you have created a Team Library Category, Topic or Document containing text, the item text is exposed to change by any user who has access to the Team Library. You can protect the item against unrestricted changes by setting a password on it. The password only refers to that item; to protect the text of Topics, Documents or Comments subordinate to the item, you set a password on each of them as well.

When the password is set, only those users who have the password can edit that item, and only when they specifically enter the password to unlock that item. Any other user of the Team Library can still view the protected item.

The password does not protect the item from operations on the item as a whole, including being deleted.


  • The use of a password on an item is indicated by an exclamation mark against the item in the Team Library window; a blue icon indicates that a user with the password has opened the item, and a red icon indicates that the item is locked
  • When you click on an item to set a password, the item opens; you can edit the item after you have set the password, while it is still open
  • Once a password-protected item is closed, any user who wants to edit the item must first select to unlock the item for editing and then enter the password set on the item
  • Unlocking is specific to the user; the item remains locked to other users until they enter the password themselves
  • If the password becomes unnecessary, you can remove it from the item

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