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A stereotyped Package containing only references to model elements owned by another Package; it is used to provide a 'public view' of some of the contents of a Package.


A property, such as an operation or attribute, that is encapsulated within a classifier such as an Interface, Class, or Datatype.


A pseudostate that indicates an end.

Final State

A special kind of State signifying that the enclosing composite State or the entire StateMachine is completed.


To execute a State transition.


Flow Final

An element that depicts an exit from the system, as opposed to the Activity Final, which represents the completion of the activity.

Focus Class

A stereotyped Class that defines the core logic or control flow for one or more auxiliary Classes that support it.

Focus Classes are typically used together with one or more auxiliary Classes, and are particularly useful for specifying the core business logic or control flow of components during design.

Auxiliary Class

Focus of Control

A symbol on a Sequence diagram that shows the period of time during which an object is performing an action, either directly or through a subordinate procedure.

Forward Engineering

The process of generating source code from the UML model.


Used in StateMachine diagrams as pseudostates.

With respect to StateMachine diagrams, a Fork pseudostate signifies that its incoming transition comes from a single State, and it has multiple outgoing transitions.



A stereotyped Package containing model elements that specify a reusable architecture for all or part of a system.

Frameworks typically include Classes, Patterns or templates.

When frameworks are specialized for an application domain, they are sometimes referred to as Application frameworks.