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File Control

The 'File' panel of the 'Document Edit' ribbon provides a number of options for changing and saving a document report file contents as a complete file as well as for setting page layout options, such as margins, and for printing the document.



Document-Edit > File > File > [options]

File control options



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Import a file

Select the option 'Document-Edit > File > File > Import File'. This imports the contents of an existing document into the current file. The file type in the dialog defaults to .rtf, but you can import files in a number of other formats. Click on the drop-down arrow and select the required file type.

The 'Import File' option is useful when creating documents from existing documents external to Enterprise Architect, such as your own corporate standards templates and, in conjunction with the 'New' option, of updating the document from the external file.

Import a Document Template

Export a Document file

Select the option 'Document-Edit > File > File > Save As (Export to File)'. This saves your document to an external document file.

The 'Export' option is useful for saving a specific template or document to be imported into another project.

Clear a file for redesign

Select the option 'Document-Edit > File > File > New (Clear Document)'. This clears the existing contents of the document.

If you have made any unsaved changes to the file, the editor prompts you to save them. If you want to protect those changes, click on the Yes button to display a browser screen and select a file path and file name to save the changes to.

This is a method of clearing out an existing document for redesign. As you do not change the name, all references to it simply go to the changed content.

Roll back changes to previous version

Select the option 'Document-Edit > File > File > Reload from Repository' to roll back the file contents to the previously-saved version.

Save changes

Select the 'Document-Edit > File > Save' icon to save the file contents to the current file.

Save Template

Applicable to the Document Template Designer and Linked Document template editor.

The key combination Ctrl+Shift+S invokes the 'Save As' command to save a template contents under a new name, which you are prompted to type in. This command is not available when editing a document - see 'Export a Document file' instead.

Close the file and editor

Click on the cross at the right of the document tab or in the top right corner of the Document Window.

Print options

When you are editing a document or template, you can manage print jobs within the Document Editor. You can select from options to define the page layout, text to be printed and number of copies, and to check the appearance of the printing before actually submitting the print job.



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Set the page margins for viewing and printing the document

Select the option 'Document-Edit > File > File > Page Layout'.

The 'Page Parameters' dialog displays, on which you can define the left, right, top and bottom page margins in inches.

The 'Top' and 'Bottom' margins define how much space is set aside to contain header and footer text.

In the 'Header distance from the Page Top' and 'Footer distance from the Page Bottom' fields, type the separation of the header and footer text from the edge of the paper.

Set the parameters for the print run

Select the option 'Document-Edit > File > File > Printer Setup', or press Ctrl+Shift+P.

The 'Setup Page' dialog displays for the default printer, which you would have selected on the Windows 'Control' panel.

You can simply confirm or reselect the core parameters such as page size, paper source and page orientation, or click on the Properties button to define more advanced settings such as use of a watermark, duplex printing and print resolution.

Print your document

Select the option 'Document-Edit > File > File > Print Preview', or press Ctrl+P.

The 'Print' dialog displays, on which you can select the pages to print and the number of copies, and initiate the print task.

You can also choose to print only a selected part of the file. To do this, highlight the required text before selecting the 'Print' option. You can print a highlighted block of:

  • Lines, or
  • Characters

Preview document before printing

Select the option 'Document-Edit > File > File > Print Preview' to display the document as it would appear when printed.

The editor displays either one page or two - toggle the display by clicking on the One Page button or Two Pages button. Scroll to further pages using the scroll bar.

By default the preview rectangle is sized to fit the current window; you can use the 'Fitted' field to enlarge or shrink the size of the displayed pages as required.

Click on the Print button to display and use the 'Print' dialog.

To return to editing mode click on the Edit button, or on the 'Document-Edit > File > File > Print Preview' menu option again.