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Alternative Views of Diagram Content

By default, a diagram always opens in graphical view. Enterprise Architect supports several alternative ways of viewing the content of the diagram after it has been opened.  From the graphical view, you can switch the diagram content to display in:

  • List view
  • Gantt view
  • Specification view
  • Relation Matrix view or
  • Construct view

It is also possible to change the default view on opening of a specific diagram, to List View, Specification View or Gantt View, through the diagram's 'Properties' dialog.


You can switch an open diagram to an alternative view using any of these methods:


Design > Diagram > Views >  <type> View

Context menu

Right-click on diagram background | Switch View | Switch to  <type> View   or

Right-click on diagram tab | Switch to  <type> View

In Browser window, right-click on the diagram name | Switch View | Switch to  <type> View

Properties window

Diagram > Appearance > Display As : Select <type> from drop down.

Diagram View Types

View Type


See also

Graphical View

The traditional view of a diagram.  Model elements are depicted as shapes, with relationships between elements represented as lines drawn between the elements.  New elements and connectors can be created by dragging the appropriate type from the Diagram Toolbox onto the diagram.

After you switch from the graphical view to another view, you can immediately return to the graphical view by clicking on the black back-arrow in the diagram name tab, even if you have worked through a chain of views.

List View

The Diagram List is a tabular, editable view of elements in a selected diagram.  It can be used to streamline the process of creating and updating elements in a diagram.

Diagram List

Gantt View

The Gantt view presents the elements of the selected diagram, in the form of a Gantt Chart.  This allows you to review the allocation of work to elements in just the selected diagram, focusing on either the elements that require work or the resources required to perform the work.

The Project Gantt View

Specification View

The Specification View displays the contents of the selected diagram, in the form of a document.  It is ideal for creating and updating Requirements elements, or any elements that involve extended textual descriptions.

The Specification Manager

Relation Matrix View

The Relation Matrix view is a grid that identifies the relationships between the diagram elements.  There is both a row and a column corresponding to each diagram element - the cell at the intersection of a row and a column shows the relationship details between the corresponding diagram elements.  This view provides a means to quickly find elements that are not yet connected to other elements, such as Requirements that are not yet realized.  You can also create new relationships directly in the matrix.

Diagram Relation Matrix

Construct View

The Construct View is an aid to Project Management, that facilitates easy review of the Resources and Maintenance items associated with elements appearing on the selected diagram.  You can filter the view to show resources, or a single category or all categories of Maintenance items.

The Construct View

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