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Diagram List

The Diagram List is a tabular, editable view of elements in a selected diagram, which can be displayed in the main workspace. You can use the Diagram List to:

  • Streamline the process of creating and updating elements in a diagram selected from the Browser window; this can be particularly useful for analysts to create and maintain formal requirement definitions within the model
  • Print the list or generate a document report directly from the entries on the list



Design > Diagram > Views > List View

Context Menu

Right-click on diagram background | Switch View | Switch to List View   or

Right-click on diagram tab | Switch to List View

Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl+Alt+R (opens a new view, as a list)




See also

The Diagram List

The Diagram List is related to the Package Browser, which lists the elements in a selected Package; however, the Package Browser has a wider range of options.

Package Browser


The Diagram List is displayed in 'User Defined' format, where you can change how the element information is structured on the screen using the value-grouping band below the toolbar.

List Header

Change display

  • Sort the items by any column value in ascending or descending order, by clicking on the column header; initially the elements are listed in numerical order (if level numbering is turned on in the Browser window) or alphabetical order within type
  • Apply a diagram filter for elements (the Fade, Gray Scale and Hide modes reduce the number of elements listed; Select mode has no effect)
  • Change the sequence of columns, by dragging column headers left or right
Diagram filters

Display Element Properties

Double-click on the element entry.

Select Items


  • an element by clicking on it
  • a specific value by clicking twice on it (not double-clicking); either the value becomes directly editable or the 'Properties' dialog displays in which you can edit the value
  • several individual elements by holding Ctrl as you click on them
  • a range of elements by holding Shift as you click on the first and last in the range

Add new items to the diagram

Create new elements on the Diagram List, using the toolbar or context menu options; these elements are automatically added to the diagram.

Package Browser Options

Delete elements from the list

Select the item and press Ctrl+D.

Include each element's notes (documentation)

Notes are shown underneath the element.

To add or edit notes, click on the item and press Ctrl+Space to transfer control to the Quick Notes window, in which you create or edit the note text.

Package Browser Options

Review the element's custom (advanced) properties

Right-click on the item and select the 'Properties' option, then select the 'Advanced' page.

Further Options

You can do further work on the Diagram List using the same toolbar and context menu options as for the Package Browser, except that the Diagram List does not have:

  • The Model Hierarchy format and hence does not have the Hierarchy button in the toolbar
  • The Show nested package toggle button
  • The Move up toggle button

The Diagram List does have these additional context menu options:

  • Switch to Diagram View - show the elements of the selected diagram in graphical format instead of as the Diagram List
  • Switch to View as Gantt - list the diagram elements as bars of a Gantt chart, representing the elements' resource allocations
  • Switch to Specification Manager - list the diagram elements with their notes and various other properties in the Specification Manager
  • Switch to Traceability View - list the elements on the diagram as entries in the Traceability window, which you can expand to show the connectors and related elements of each element on the diagram
  • Diagram Properties - display the 'Properties' dialog for the diagram
Package Browser Options Diagram Properties The Project Gantt View The Traceability Window Specification Manager - Overview Diagram View