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Library Resources

Whilst having a discussion through the Library window, it is convenient to link to the resources that are the subject of discussion or that illustrate points in the discussion. Such resources include:

  • XMI files of Packages within the current project
  • Active Profiler reports
  • Images of currently-active diagrams
  • Images currently captured on the clipboard
  • Bookmarks to currently active websites

You can link to such resources from Category or Topic notes, or from a Document. The resource links are created in a Resources folder underneath the selected Category, Topic or Document, as shown:

Resources window in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.


Open the Library window using one of the methods outlined here, then;

     Right-click on <object> | Share Resource | <resource type>

You create the Resources folder by creating a link to a resource underneath the selected Category, Topic or Document. Similarly, you delete the Resources folder by deleting the last resource within it. Having added a resource, you can right-click on it and use a further context menu to:

  • Re-import the Package XMI files to the model or
  • Display the images


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