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Properties Window for Diagrams

The docked Properties window provides a convenient and immediate way to view and edit properties of modeling objects, including diagrams. When the Properties window is open and you click on an open diagram, the window defines the diagram, displaying the common properties and providing an associated 'Compartments' tab.

As you review the properties for the diagram, you can edit the values by overtyping them, or by clicking on the drop-down arrow or browse button to select alternative values.

If you click on a diagram name in the Browser window, you can edit some of the common properties in the Properties window; however, most of the fields are available for editing only when the diagram is open and selected.



After selecting the Properties window using one of these methods, click on the first required diagram.

Start > Application > Design > Properties   or

Explore > Portals > Windows > Properties > Properties

Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl+2 or Ctrl+Enter

Alt+1 > Properties

Properties Window Tabs



See also

Diagram Tab

The 'Diagram' tab provides a number of checkbox fields that make it simple to define what the diagram shows and how the objects are presented. You can also tailor certain fields that were assigned default values when the diagram was created. For further details, see the Diagram Tab Help topic.

You can also define properties on the diagram's 'Properties' dialog.

Diagram Properties Properties Window - Diagram

Compartments Tab

This tab provides a list of the simple compartments that you can display in elements included in the current diagram. Some types of element are automatically displayed in rectangular notation, whilst others might have to be set manually in rectangular notation to show the compartments.

Click the check box against each compartment to show in the elements on the diagram:

  • Attributes
  • Operations
  • Tags
  • Requirements
  • Constraints
  • Testing
  • Maintenance
  • Discussions
  • Reviews
  • Resources
  • Package Contents
  • Project
  • Notes
  • Receptions

For further information on these compartments and others you might set on the diagram, see the Compartments and Define Element Characteristics Help topics.

Compartments Rectangle Notation Diagram Properties - Elements

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