Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.


To use the execution tools of the Model Driven Development Environment - debugging, build and recording - it is necessary to record information about the application.This is achieved in Enterprise Architect through the use of Package Scripts.

A Package Script, when created, is naturally associated with the package that is currently selected.

A Package Script houses all the information the MDDE requires in order to provide support for tasks such as building the application, debugging and performing unit testing. A model can contain many Package Scripts. Each can build a separate application, or perhaps the same application but with different compilation options.

When you select a package or child Class in the Project Explorer, the Debug Management window displays any Package Scripts associated with that package. When you select a package root, the Debug Management window displays the scripts for the first package it finds under the root that has Scripts.

When you selected another package, the scripts displayed in the Debug Management window change also. You can force the scripts for a particular package to remain visible at all times by 'pinning' the package in the Debug Management window.

External Tools and Environment

If you plan on using any of the debugging features of the MDDE, you must have the appropriate Framework installed on your machine:

  • The Java Runtime Environment for Java
  • The .NET Framework for managed applications

Any Operating System Environment Variables such as $PATH required by these kits should also be established.