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Search in Files

This topic describes the File Search control.

File Text Searches are provided by the Search Window and from within the Code Editors.

The Search window enables you to search for text in code files and scripts. You can select to display the results of the search in one of two formats:

  • List View - each result line consists of the file path and line number, followed by the line text; multiple lines from one file are listed as separate entries
    File Search List View
  • Tree View - each result line consists of the file path that matches the search criteria, and the number of lines matching the search text within that file; you can expand the entry to show the line number and text of each line.
    File Search Tree View

Search Toolbar

You can use the toolbar options in the Search window to control the search operation. The state of all buttons persists over time to always reflect your previous search criteria.


The options, from left to right, are as follows:


Use to

Search Path list box

Specify the folder to search.

You can type the path to search directly into the text box, or click on the folder icon to browse for the path. Any paths you enter are automatically saved in the drop-down list, up to a maximum of ten; paths added after that overwrite the oldest path in the list.

A fixed option in the drop-down list is Search in Scripts, which sets the search to operate on all local and user-defined scripts in the Scripts tab of the Scripter window. This option disables the Search File Types list box.

Search Text list box

Specify the text to look for.

You can type the text directly into the text box or click on the drop-down arrow to select from a previous entry in the list. The search text you enter is automatically saved in the list when you click on the Search button.

The list box saves up to ten search queries. Search queries added after that overwrite the oldest query in the list.

Search File Types list box

Limit the search to specific types of files. You can select multiple file types in a string, separated by either a comma or a semi-colon as shown in the image above.

Search button

Begin the search.

During the course of the search all other buttons in the toolbar are disabled. You can cancel the search at any time by clicking on the Search button again.

If you switch any of the toggle buttons below, you must run the search again to change the output.

Case Sensitivity button

Toggle the case sensitivity of the search. The tooltip message identifies the current status of the button.

Word Match button

Toggle between searching for any match and searching for only those matches that form an entire word. The tooltip message identifies the current status of the button.

SubFolders button

Toggle between limiting the search to a single path and including all subfolders under that path. The tooltip message identifies the current status of the button.

Result View button

Select the presentation format of the search results - List View or Tree View format.

Clear Results button

Clear the results.

Clear Search Criteria button

Remove all the entries in the Search Path, Search Text and Search File Types list boxes, if required.

Help button

Display this Help topic.