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Model Templates

The model templates contained in Enterprise Architect are designed to assist in the creation of projects and models for both new and experienced users.

Each template provides a framework on which you can create a model appropriate to your purpose, using the Model Wizard.
All model templates provided with Enterprise Architect follow the format described in the table below




See also


The note introduces you to the model template and outlines its purpose.


Help Links

Help hyperlinks provide further information on how to use the model. Depending on the model template, links to examples and other useful information are also provided.



The Template section in the model template provides a framework for creating your own model.

Each template description provides an introduction to the terminology and icons used in the model templates, and gives  a quick guide to the UML concepts important to the templates and how they are applied in Enterprise Architect.

If you are a Technology Developer, you can also create and distribute custom templates as part of your own MDG Technology.

Business Process Model Template

Requirements Model Template

Use Case Model Template

Domain Model Template

Class Model Template

Database Model Template

Component Model Template

Deployment Model Template

Testing Model Template.

Custom Templates

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