Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Projects and Teams


Enterprise Architect helps you to create projects for development under a range of work conditions, from single user/local access through to multiple-role teams working in a distributed environment.  You both protect and manage the model data itself, and communicate information on the data in the form of documentation and reports, using facilities such as those listed below.




Creating a project in a simple, file-based repository (.EAP file )

File-Based Repositories

Creating the project in one of a range of DBMS repositories - these provide for larger models with more concurrently connected users

(Corporate and extended editions)

Server-Based Repositories

Tools for enabling team or multiple-user development in the project

Team Development

Tools for managing change within the model

Change Management

A variety of tools for managing modeling and project activities

Project Management

Maintaining the integrity of the project data

Project Maintenance

Sharing the reference data used across the project, between models and between projects

Sharing Reference Data

Reference Data

Enabling each user to configure their personal preferences for how project tools display and behave on their workstation

Local Options

You can have recorded discussion and communication of decisions using the Team Review

Team Review Tools

Managing work and resources allocated to tasks

Project Task Allocation

Communicating and collaborating on model development through the Model Mail facilities

Personal Information

Tracking important project events, resource issues and allocations through the Project Calendar

Project Calendar

Documenting your model through RTF or HTML reports, which you can tailor to your purposes