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Systems Engineering




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To model Systems using SysML in Enterprise Architect, you work through the following steps:

  • Create a Systems Engineering model to develop your system
  • Create a Requirements model to define the systems requirements and expectations
  • Create an Operational Domain model, which describes the environment that the system operates within, and the entities it interacts with
  • Create Constraint models to describe the systems operating characteristics using parametric models
  • Simulate the parametric models to verify their correctness and obtain the desired characteristic
  • Design the system's composition using SysML Blocks and Parts
  • Implement the embedded software using UML Classes and behavioral models
  • Create a Library of reusable SysML blocks, representing subsystems that can be reused on other projects, and other common Type definitions


Create a Systems Engineering model

Create a Requirements model

Create an Operational Domain model

SysML Parametric Models

Simulating a SysML Model

Compose System Design

Generate from Behaviour Models

Create Re-usable Subsystems


These steps are represented graphically in the following flow:


To create a Systems Engineering Model from a template provided with Enterprise Architect, follow the steps below

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In the Project Browser, either:

  • Click on the New Model From Pattern icon in the toolbar
  • Right-click on a model root node and select the Add a New Model using Wizard context menu option, or
  • Right-click on a package and select the Add | Add a New Model using Wizard context menu option.

The Select Model(s) dialog displays.



In the Select From field, click on the drop-down arrow and select Systems Engineering Model. Alternatively, if it is listed in the Technology panel, select the Systems Engineering Model item.



In the Name panel, select the checkbox next to the Systems Engineering Model icon.



Click on the OK button.



The following model structure is created in the Project Browser:

SEModel Browser

The Systems Engineering Model diagram, shown below, encapsulates the key components of the Systems Engineering model.

SystemsEngineering Model


  • Systems Modeling Language (SysML) is available in the Systems Engineering edition and Ultimate edition of Enterprise Architect