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Swimlanes Matrix

Enterprise Architect diagrams support a Swimlanes Matrix for all diagram types, based on the Zachman Framework.

The Swimlanes Matrix divides the diagram into cells of vertical columns and horizontal rows. The cell in the top left corner of the Swimlanes Matrix contains the heading of the matrix. The first cell at the top of each column contains the column title text. The first cell at the left of each row contains the row title text.

Access     Diagram | Swimlanes and Matrix > Matrix

Use to

Add a Matrix to a diagram




See also


Indicates that the Matrix dialog is active, as opposed to the Swimlanes dialog.



Title #

Indicates a title name, up to 3 title names can be specified.




Indicates a font color for a title.




Opens the font dialog, font styles can be specified here.


Set Element Font


Indicates if a title is hidden.




Indicates what type of matrix heading is created.



Back Color

Indicates what background color the matrix item has.



Hide Item

Indicates that the matrix item is hidden.



Model Profiles

Indicates what profile is used during creation of the Matrix.



Model Profiles : Save

Saves a profile to the Model Profiles list, prompting for a profile name.



Model Profiles : Delete


Deletes a profile from the Model Profiles list.



Indicates that the matrix item can not be moved or resized on a diagram.



Line Widths

Indicates the width of the lines surrounding a matrix.



Hand (Up)

If more than one item is present within a matrix, this button moves a highlighted element up one entry within the Matrix List.



Hand (Down)

If more than one element is present within a matrix, this button  moves a highlighted element down one entry within the Matrix List.




Allows for the creation of a new matrix item.




Copies the highlighted matrix item.




Deletes a matrix item from the Matrix List.



Matrix List

A list of currently defined matrix items.




The heading is the first item in the list; you create only one heading
When you define columns and rows, you define the header or title cells; the properties of these cells do not reflect on the matrix cells themselves - for example, the intersection cell of a column and row has a transparent background and therefore takes the color and shading effect of the diagram background
You can also transport all the matrix profiles between models (as Diagram Matrix Profiles), using the Export Reference Data and Import Reference Data options
By applying a Model Profile, you replace the current profile; save the current profile to avoid losing it
To size the rows and columns, drag the row and column borders on the diagram - elements placed inside each cell are shifted when sizing; to prevent the elements shifting, press and hold ( Ctrl ) while sizing

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