Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Check In a Model Branch

The Check In a Model Branch command enables you to check-in all packages involved in a particular unit of work, as a single operation.  You can even commit new revisions of the affected packages as you complete milestones, while still keeping the packages checked-out for further editing.

Use to

Check in a selection of packages from within the currently selected model branch

How to



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Right-click on the package icon at the root of the model branch that is to be checked in and select Package Control | Check In Branch.

The Select Packages to Check-in dialog displays, listing all version controlled and checked-out packages within that model branch.


Check In Package

Check Out Model Branch


Select the packages to be checked-in.  (By default, the entire list is selected.)


Click an individual package to select just that package
Ctrl + click to add or remove an individual package from the selection
Shift + click to select a range of packages
Click on All to select all listed packages
Click on None to clear the selection




Optionally, tick the checkbox Keep packages checked-out after committing new revision.

Use this option to commit into version control, a new revision of all selected packages, while keeping all packages checked out for further editing.




Click on the OK button.

The Add Comment dialog displays.  A default comment is provided that contains the current date and time.




Optionally, modify the default check-in comment.

This comment is applied to all packages that are checked in.




Click on the OK button.

The selected packages are exported and checked-in.  The package icons are updated to reflect any change in version control status.  If you opted to keep packages checked out, there is no change in status.