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Configure Controlled Package

To put a package under version control, you must mark the package as a controlled package, specify the version control configuration to control it and associate an XMI file with the package.  Enterprise Architect can then export and import the package data to and from the file as required and issue commands to the version control system as appropriate.

Use to

Apply version control to a single package

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In the Project Browser, right-click on the package to be placed under version control and choose Package Control | Configure...

The Package Control Options dialog displays.




Click on the Control Package checkbox to insert a check mark, indicating that this package is to be controlled.




Click on the Version Control drop-down arrow and select the Version Control  Configuration to be used to control this packages.

The XMI Filename field then displays a default filename for the package export file, based on the package name.




Optionally, modify the default XMI Filename.

Choose either;

type a new name into the filename field
click on the browse button ( ... ) to open a file chooser dialog.


The target file must be located within the working copy folder of the selected Version Control Configuration, or one of its sub-folders.




Optionally, update the Version ID for this package.

The Version ID field defaults to 1.0; if necessary, change this to the appropriate reference.




Optionally, update the Owner field.

The Owner field defaults to your user name; if necessary, type or select the name of the user who owns the package.




Click on the OK button.

The Add Package to Version Control dialog displays.




Optionally, clear the Keep checked out checkbox.

After applying version control, the package is either checked-out for editing, or checked-in and locked against editing, in accordance with this setting.




Click on the OK button.

The Add Comment dialog displays.




Optionally, add any further comments to the default comment.

Enterprise Architect provides a default comment that includes the current date & time.




Click on the OK button.

The current package is exported to the nominated XMI file, which is then committed to version control.  The package icon in the Project Browser is updated to reflect the package's version control status.


Project Browser Indicators


If you are using the Corporate or extended editions of Enterprise Architect with security enabled, then this feature is only available to users who have been granted permission to configure and use version control

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