Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Export Controlled Model Branch

Model branch files can simplify the process of exporting and importing a package hierarchies from one model to another.

You might want to export a newly created model branch from your own private copy of a model so that, for example:

Another user can import that branch into their own private copy of the same model
It can be imported for inclusion as a common branch in a number of different models


Applying version control to an Enterprise Architect model can result in many XMI files placed under version control.  It could then be hard to locate and import the file corresponding to the root of a particular model branch.  Enterprise Architect's Model Branch Files (.EAB files) overcome this problem by simplifying the retrieval of model hierarchies for use in other models.

Use to

Create a Model Branch File to represent a package hierarchy that is stored in version control

How to



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Select the version controlled package to export as a model branch.




Right-click on the package and choose Package Control | Export as Model Branch.

The Export as Model Branch dialog displays.


Import Model Branch


In the EAB Filename field, type a name for your Model Branch File.

Alternatively, click on ( ... )  and browse for the file location.

Note that the package name is supplied as a default.




Click OK.

A branch file is created to represent the selected package.  The branch file is committed to version control using the same Version Control Configuration that controls the package selected in step 1.




You can specify any file name, including sub-folder names, as long as the file is contained in or below the working folder of your version control configuration
The facility is only enabled for packages that are already under version control