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Import Controlled Model Branch

Applying version control to an Enterprise Architect model can result in many XMI files placed under version control.  It could then be hard to locate and import the file corresponding to the root of a particular model branch.  Enterprise Architect's Model Branch files overcome this problem by simplifying the retrieval of package hierarchies for use in other models.

The Import a Model Branch command uses Enterprise Architect's Model Branch Files, of which there are few, to retrieve information about the root package file and import the model branch.  The Model Branch File records information such as the name and type of the version control configuration for the selected package, and the relative filename of the version controlled XMI file associated with the package.

Use to

Retrieve a model branch created by another user in a private copy of a model, to import it into your own private copy of the same model
Retrieve a model branch that is common in many models, for inclusion in a new model

How to



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Ensure that you have:

An operational version control environment that can be accessed by Enterprise Architect , and
Downloaded all of the version controlled package files and the model branch file associated with the model branch to import, into a valid and accessible working copy folder


Version Control Product Setup


Select the package into which the model branch is to be imported.




Right-click on the package and choose Package Control | Import a Model Branch.

The Import VC Model Branch dialog displays.




Choose one of either:

Use the lower portion of the Import VC Model Branch dialog to select a model branch file
(This is the simpler option if the associated version control configuration has already been saved in the current model; continue with step 5)
Click on the Find a Model Branch (.EAB) file button
(This option is useful when you have not yet defined the version control configuration that is associated with the model branch to be imported)
If choosing this option, please see the Manually Locating Model Branch Files topic


Manually Locating Model Branch Files


Click the drop-down arrow in the Select a Version Control Configuration field and select the configuration

A list of EAB files controlled by that configuration is displayed.




Select the Model Branch File from the Select a Model Branch (.EAB) file list.




Click OK.

Enterprise Architect imports the root package specified in the Model Branch File and recursively imports and populates all the sub-packages contained in the root package.




The Import a Model Branch command is only enabled for packages that you (the current user) are able to edit, as the imported model branch is inserted into the model under the selected package

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