Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Update to the Latest Revision of All Packages

When you are part of a team working in a Distributed Model environment, from time to time, you will want to update your model with the changes that other team members have committed into version control.  The command Get All Latest, allows you to bring in updates made by other users, for all of the version controlled packages in the currently loaded project.

Use to

Update all packages in your project, to the latest revision retrieved from version control

How to



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In the Project Browser, right-click on any package and select Package Control | Get All Latest.

All of the local XMI files for all of the version control configurations used in the project, are updated to the latest revision from version control.

Enterprise Architect scans the packages in the model, to determine which ones are up to date and which are not, compared to the latest revisions of the associated package files.

You are then prompted to choose one of the following import options for packages that are up to date;

Import changed files only,
Always import
Prompt for each file.


Update Selected Package


See the note below.


Click on the OK button.

The version controlled packages in your project are updated as appropriate.




There is no need to re-import packages that are already up to date - re-importing packages involves first deleting them from the project and then re-importing them from the XMI file, which is quite time consuming as well as quite unnecessary; we strongly recommend using the default option Import changed files only
The Get All Latest command does not update any package that is checked-out (to anybody) in the currently loaded project; otherwise, any changes not yet committed to version control would be discarded
When using a Shared model environment, where all users are connected to a single model database, there is no need to use the Get All Latest option - the information in the model database is always ahead of what is committed into version control; you should from time to time refresh your view of the model database, by reloading diagrams or reloading package content in the Project Browser