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The Generate HTML Report Dialog

The Generate HTML Report dialog is used to generate documentation about your model in HTML format. There are various settings to choose from to control the output, as described below.



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Display the name of the package you are creating documentation for.




Type the title for your HTML documentation; defaults to Package.



Output to

Type the directory path your documentation is saved to.




Select a web style template to apply to your documentation (optional).


Web Style Templates


Specify the file extension for your HTML documentation files; the default is .htm.



Header Image

Enter or select the file path for the header image graphic to display on your HTML output. If you do not specify a file path, the image defaults to the Enterprise Architect logo.



Preserve White space in Notes

Preserve existing white space in your notes; deselect to remove white space.


No page for Note and Text items

Omit the page for your notes and text items in the HTML report.


Default Diagram

Select the diagram the report should open to when the generated documentation is loaded.



Image Format

Select the image file format to save your images in, either PNG or GIF.




Select each area of your model to include in your report.




Select each section to generate in your report.



Click on the Generate button to generate the HTML report with the settings you have defined.

Click on the View button to display the report you have generated.


You can also select packages in your model to exclude them (and their subordinate packages) from the HTML reports you generate


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