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Web Style Templates

The HTML and CSS Style Editor enables you to edit the HTML associated with various sections of the HTML Report facility in Enterprise Architect. You would typically use this functionality to customize a report's look and feel for your company or client. The editor is derived from, and provides the facilities of, the common Code Editor.

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How to

To create or edit web style templates



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Open the Resources window and expand the Templates folder.




Create a new template, right-click on the Web Style Templates folder and select the Create HTML Template context menu option; enter a name for the new template when prompted to do so
Edit an existing template, expand the Web Style Templates folder and either double-click on the template name or right-click and select the Modify HTML Style Template context menu option

In either case, the HTML and CSS Style Editor displays.

To delete a template, right-click on it and select the Delete HTML Template context menu option.






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The HTML and CSS Style Editor contains a list of all available HTML fragments for modification and customization.

Each fragment typically contains HTML plus one or more special tag names that Enterprise Architect replaces with information during generation. Currently you cannot alter the content within the tag names, but you can omit a complete tag by removing it, or alter its basic display properties in the surrounding HTML.

Special tag names are delimited by # characters - for example, #NOTES#.


Get Default button retrieves the default Enterprise Architect template for the currently selected template item in the left hand list
Save button saves your version of the template for this style only
Delete button removes your modified version of the template, which causes Enterprise Architect to use the default template during report generation

To select a template during generation, use the Style drop-down arrow on the Generate HTML Report dialog; once a style is selected, Enterprise Architect applies that to the current report.

Select <default> for the inbuilt style.


HTML Template Fragments


Each time Enterprise Architect generates the web report it overwrites these files, so you must back up your modified versions and copy them back in after every update

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