Author Topic: Maintenance properties on elements and Kanban & Maintenance diagrams?  (Read 99 times)


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I am exploring Maintenance Diagrams, and Kanban Diagrams, and how they relate to the default searches in the Construct ribbon. I admit i am still reading the fine manual(s), but still seem to be missing some fundamental insight. Maybe some of the older and wiser heads here can tell me why some things are so?

Element maintenance properties like Changes, Defects, Issues, and Tasks i can kind of understand, as a kind of typed thing, but i do not understand why they do not show up in the properties dialog as a kind of inside requirement or similar, as there are external Change. Defect, Feature and 'User Story' elements associated with the Kanban. They show up in the element browser, but that seems like an odd way to have to find or create these maintenance things.

I do not get Element maintenance Events and Decisions. Events have a "Type" Property that does not seem to be shared anywhere. I assumed it was related to the Event in the calendar but there is no relationship.  Maintenance Decisions i cannot find any reasonable documentation for. The why of the Calendar Tasks vs Element maintenance tasks is itself another topic.

Also all of the status/type fields maintenance record types are freetext, and not maintained anywhere. I can use any status or type i want (e.g. 'context', 'complenessness') if i do not mind retyping every time. It looks like a hard coded dropdown, not a normalized table of types? or is that configurable somewhere?

Finally the EA 14 construct ribbon works with element maintenance properties - so it is a Tier 1 feature, yet the other Tier 1 features - Maintenance and Kanban Diagrams, work with elements and cannot display element maintenance properties. What is the use case here? are Maintenance elements and properties different domain concepts? if so how so?
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