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Title: Viewing Internal Artifact from the HTML report
Post by: Marian N on February 07, 2015, 02:59:17 am
Hi Guys,

Please share an advice regarding the following issue.
I have created an EA Project with some links to Artifacts Internal (*.xslx files to be precise) using the feature as described:
While I was in EA, it was very convenient to open & edit the files by double clicking on the Artifact.
The problem occurred when I exported the project to HTML format to share with my colleagues. It appeared that clicking on the Internal Artifact doesn't open the file...and...there isn't any link to do so either. So what are my options? I'd like to export the files along with the HTML generation and when any artifact is clicked to open it with the default program. Note that I checked the option "Hyperlinked Files" when I published to HTML.