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Title: [HELP]: Parse Error for samples like size_t...
Post by: Resistance on November 29, 2018, 07:36:32 pm
I am trying to import existing C++ code into a new model and keep getting errors from code like:
Code: [Select]
template <std::size_t... Is>
struct IndexSequence
Code: [Select]
template <bool IS_CONSTRUCT, typename std::enable_if<!IS_CONSTRUCT>::type*, typename ... Args>
ObjectType* MyFunc<ObjectType, CONSTRUCT, BULK>::get (Args& ... args) noexcept
I get errors saying "You may need to define a language macro" and refer to struct as Unexpected macro in the first code and ObjectType in second code.
I have been testing and finding out that cause of the errors is  ... after size_t and Arg& but as I want to add ... to language macro, it indicate that "There was an error parsing on line 1. Unexpected symbol: . ".
Now any help to solve the problem will be appreciated.