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Post by: Knaldgas on October 17, 2019, 06:49:35 pm
SABOEAB: Still A Bunch Of Enterprise Architect Bugs

I've become more and more convinced that Sparx are not using EA for any serious work. Latest versions (including Version 15 build 1512), have so many bugs and inconveniences that any serious user would find a bucketful within a few days.

"Write a bug report" is the typical response. With the many current issues, which should have been found with any level of testing, it appears to me that anything beyond "it compiles" is left to us users to find and report.

My last bug I wrote 2019-05-19, about a hanging EA. I went through the work of starting up a debugger, hooking onto the hanging EA, and provided the actual instructions over which EA was looping. 5 days later a request for further information, I responded within the hour, EA then responded with another request more than 2 months later, which admittedly I have ignored as I've bought and started using another EA product (simply got so tired of Sparx "quality").
Unfortunately I still have a bunch of projects modeled with Sparx EA, so I can't fully get rid of it yet. And when I do get back to Sparx EA, it seems that all they have been doing is adding new bugs and inconveniences.

My suggestion to Sparx is this: Start using EA for some real work, and start fix bugs - If you can't find any, you're not using it!

A couple of starting points:
Title: Re: SABOEAB
Post by: qwerty on October 17, 2019, 07:08:54 pm
My advice since a long time :-/ Stay away from new EA versions until at least a year. I haven't looked into V15 since a short peek after it had been published. The stream of complaints here hasn't stopped until now. I'm still asking myself why I pay for a license which actually doesn't give me any improved product. It looks like it's getting worse each version. How about the ancient Rome? It wasn't build in a day or two. But merely it was destroyed in that time frame.

Title: Re: SABOEAB
Post by: Geert Bellekens on October 17, 2019, 07:54:50 pm
To be fair, I haven't seen any major new bugs in the latest version of EA (v15.1.1512).

I'm in the process of moving to v15 (from v12) with one of my clients who uses EA pretty extensively.

Title: Re: SABOEAB
Post by: PeterHeintz on October 17, 2019, 08:36:00 pm
I had build 1512 stop working several times see here:,43327.0.html
For whatever reason this problem stopped after a few days working with build 1512, but then I had other dialogues which I could not close. It is sporadic so I cannot reproduce
Unfortunately, Sparx QA seems to miss the goals they should have. Several changes might have a positive intention but a bad result (like the senseless and even inconsistent element drag/drop hopping introduced in build 1512).
Years ago I just updated to a new version and I was happy. Now each time I first have to look if the new version does not too much destroy my diagrams, due to changes in rendering, before I search for all the other surprises.
In my dreams Sparx pays the users each time, the users find a bug and they pay more if the bug is not fixed in time X, to get QA alive. ;)

Title: Re: SABOEAB
Post by: qwerty on October 17, 2019, 10:32:02 pm
Actually Donald Knuth did that (and still does) any pays for found bugs (


P.S. Also to recommend (though a bit lengthy): (