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Title: Has anyone experience with the pro cloud Jira integration?
Post by: PeterHeintz on June 25, 2020, 08:14:00 pm
I try to use Jira integration, but I am facing some problems.
I have setup the pro cloud somehow, so I see in EA in Type Mapping as Provider JIRA, but I get a “A security error occurred” message.
In EA I use windows authentication and in Jira I use single sign on of my ADS account. Within the ProCloud Server no user and password are set.
My expectation is that my windows account and password (which is my ADS account) is forwarded to Jira as well. However, I get the message above.
So I created a native Jira account and somehow (I do not know how) I saw once a login box in EA were I inserted my native Jira account. However, this did not work, and now I do not see the login box any more.
Any ideas?