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Title: WebEA tokens are not per user as represented, they are per session.
Post by: skiwi on June 21, 2021, 08:33:23 am
An email I sent to sales and support, and have yet to receive an acknowledgement or response.

I’d just like to express my concern about the information on Compare Editions of the Pro Cloud Server | Sparx Systems ( web page,
Number of WebEA Users
In the token edition, an individual token is consumed by each WebEA user at logon time, while the other editions support an unlimited number of WebEA users.   
1 token per user
After a discussion with the support team it seems this is not correct,
we purchased 2 tokens, but they are not allocated per user, they are allocated per browser session.
Thus I have found that one user can, and does, consume both our tokens, not allowing another user access.
Further to add to the difficulty the PCS cannot display which user or provide any other information about the session that has the token allocated to them – even though it provides a log in screen, PCS does not allow an admin to release the token, and PCS retains the token for, I am told, 30 minutes, after they close their browser – if they don’t log off (and who logs off).
So I suggest that the information is misleading and incorrect.