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Title: Version 3.50 - Build 587 released
Post by: sparks on December 17, 2002, 03:52:40 am
Changes in Build 587

- Added 'Apply' button to standard element properties dialog
- Modified View/Options/CodeGeneration dialog to support user defined language types
- Fixed bug in VB.Net parser that caused multiple interfaces in a file to be read as single interface.
- Fixed bug in Shallow Copy of diagram that could cause multiple instances of an association
- Added integrity check for connectors associated with specific diagrams - eg. Sequence messages
- Added fix for Shallow copy of sequence diagrams where messages could be duplicated under certain circumstances
- Some improvements to import of XMI elements from XMI 1.0
- Fixed problem in RTF document generation that could prevent details of package being displayed when 'Document Packages' ticked
- Fixed problem with drop list for tagged values in Object Properties dialog