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Title: "Hops" not working properly for Tree Sty
Post by: Paolo F Cantoni on April 19, 2011, 01:32:08 pm
The new line "hops" are cool. But there's a small BUT important problem with them when using Tree styles.

I've only see this with Generalizations but I assume it's common.

A tree style arc is split into three segments: destination, orthogonal and origin.  These names should be self explanatory.

The problem occurs if the orthogonal from one arc is overlayed on the orthogonal for another and they are NOT from the same Generalization.  No Hop appears.

Since the length of the Destination segment is fixed, if you move the destination vertex up or down "a smidgen"  so that the two orthogonals are not overlayed, the "hop" appears correctly.  Put the overlay back and the hop disappears.

Unfortunately when you need it most (the two different Generalizations' orthogonal segments are overlayed) the hop is NOT visible.

Anyone else confirm this behaviour?

What about other tree styles - other than Generalizations?

Title: Re: "Hops" not working properly for Tree Sty
Post by: Eve on April 20, 2011, 09:01:36 am
Could you please confirm, are you talking about not having a jump over a line that runs for a period of time over the exact same pixels?

The two situations I know that jumps don't appear because of position is that the line jumps don't appear if the jump would encompass the start or end of either line, and you can't really jump a parallel line (as described above).
Title: Re: "Hops" not working properly for Tree Sty
Post by: Paolo F Cantoni on April 20, 2011, 09:31:46 am
Hi Simon,

Yes, pretty much... I acknowledge the problem is a "toughie" but I believe a solution needs to be found.

The problem doesn't occur so much on manually drawn diagrams as you can control where things are placed to ensure the "hop" is rendered.

But for diagrams that are automatically layed out, it can be a problem.  It is MOST acute for the orthogonal styles - and of those, the Tree Styles where the destination segment length is fixed.  It is easy to get orthogonal arcs from non related Tree Style arcs to share the same pixels. For example, using one of the alignment functions to align a set of shapes so that their bottoms are aligned and so the Generalizations (say) overlay each other.

I'm happy for EA to change the fixed destination length so that the pixels don't overlay each other and (most probably) the "hops" will emerge (similar to having moved the shape "a smidgen" as I originally mentioned.

The user interaction problem we are trying to solve is that once you get used to the "hops",  if you don't see the "hop", you assume the lines don't cross - when they actually do.

I'd be interested in others' thoughts...