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Thanks for the responses!
I am using version Version 11.1.1112 (build 1112).
I have switched rendering to basic via: Menu > Tools > Options > Appearance > Renderer changed from "Enhanced -1" to Basic.
I openend my EA Statemachine diagram again and the same error happens: a popup window which tells that there is searched for a solution.
Then 2 buttons, one for searching for errors and theother to close EA.
Then in addition to switching to Basis renderer I also unchecked option "GDI Plus Metafiles" with same result.
Also tried renderer "Enhanced - 2". No result too.
Then I added a new state machine diagram. I can put a note and an image on it but as soon as I pick a "State" object from the toolbox palet it crashes, i.e. giving the popup window with the 2 buttons.
In the project browser the State objects are added.
So the problem seems to be in the visualization/rendering as suggested by both of you.
I also unchecked the "Rounded edges for elements" option. No result too.

Any suggestions?



I have same problem as jirsyk.
Today I also updated windows10 Professional, to version 1607.
If I open my state diagram or activity diagram EA it end with a dialog that an error has occured.
I can choose between debugging and stopping EA. But debugging needs Microsoft Visual Studio 10 which I don't have installed.
I use EA every day without problem, until I updated windows10 today.

Please any suggestion?


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