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OK, I found the issue here: for some reason I have selected ArchiMate 3 type of the diagram. With ArchiMate 2 type it seems to work as expected.


I am very new to Sparx, so I apologize if this is a trivial question, I tried but couldn't find the way to depict it properly.

Basically I need to show ArchiMate 2 Assignment relation between 2 elements, say Application Component and Application Function. As per spec that relationship by default doesn't have any arrowheads, and that is exactly how I want to show it. If i use the Quick link feature in Sparx, I can find the Assignment relation but then it will draw the arrowhead at the "destination" element. Is there a way to avoid it? Otherwise it looks almost like the Trigger relation, which might confuse my audience :/
Here's my diagram, I want "ApplicationFunction1" and "ApplicationComponent1" elements to have the Assignment relation. Without the arrowhead :)

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