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Uml Process / Re: Same name classes ignorance...
« on: January 10, 2019, 08:47:41 am »
I have a similar issue with the import with C++ language.
I have internal classes which have the same name, for example classA::classN and classB::classN
Problem is that parsing the files EA has only one classN and linked it to classA and classB !
Would be good to have the class name automatically having scope included, so the classN becomes classA::classN in EA.

classA and classB are in the same namespace so it is not possible to have classN separated.
classA and classB could be in the same file (to reduce the number of files as we are handling hundreds of classes...) for a separation per module.

two options:
1/ EA handles correctly the class context
2/ class names needs to be unique

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